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Dimitar Gjorgjievski

Actor, North Macedonia

Dimitar Gjorgjievski is a professional stage and film actor, born on 30.10.1984 in the city of Prilep, Macedonia.


He lives and works in his home country, performing as a resident actor in the Peoples theater "Vojdan Chernodrinski" in Prilep where he has played over 30 roles for the past decade, collecting numerous awards in international festivals.


He has also taken a big part in the modern Macedonian cinematography, working with directors such as Milcho Manchevski (SHADOWS and “MOTHERS), Teona Strugar Mitevska (I AM FROM TITOV VELES, THE WOMAN WHO BRUSHED OFF HER TEARS, „MAKEDONIUM: THE DRAMATURGY OF THE UNFINISHED), Marija Dzidzeva (SECOND CHANCE), Alex Cvetkov (SOIL)...


He has played in various European and American productions, shooting in different languages such as French (THE WOMAN WHO BRUSHED OFF HER TEARS), Bulgarian (SOUNDHUNTERS), English (INTO THE NIGHT)... He is among the first actors from Macedonia playing in a Netflix production, with his minor role in the Belgian series INTO THE NIGHT.


His movies have been seen by the audience on most of the major festivals throughout the world such as Berlinale, Toronto Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Australian Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, Sao Paolo Film Festival, Manaki Brothers, Roma Film Festival...

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